How To Choose The Best Yoga Mat

Are You Getting Started With Yoga?

If you’re about to begin a Yoga regimen, congratulations. I hope you receive as much benefit from practicing yoga as I have. Getting started with yoga is easy. I’ll show you how!

Yoga doesn’t require any fancy equipment, but you will want a good quality mat. Why? Well, since you’ll be learning and practicing some yoga poses that will be done while laying or sitting on the floor, you’ll want a yoga mat that is comfortable, provides a cushion between you and the floor and most importantly, doesn’t slip when you move on it.

Yoga mats are relatively inexpensive, but return your investment with comfort and durability. Let me show you how to pick a mat that you will enjoy practicing your yoga poses on. You may discover that you want more than one! I have two myself!

What To Look For In A Yoga Mat

Everyone’s needs and preferences can be very different. Choosing the best yoga mat for you means considering your favorite yoga style, your age/weight/height, and your own preferences in materials.

You’ll also want a yoga mat that is comfortable, provides a good cushion between you and the floor and most importantly, doesn’t slip when you move on it.

The size of your yoga mat is important if you travel and want to take your mat with you, have limited space to practice yoga or you want extra space to do more complex poses. Most yoga mats are about 2 feet wide and 5-6 feet long. Shorter mats are ideal for using in limited spaces, such as yoga class or your bedroom or even in your hotel room when you’re travelling.

Organic latex yoga mats are the most popular. Both of my mats are organic latex. They “stick” to the floor nicely, so I can trust them to be safe and not to slip out from under me. They are also environmentally friendly, are easy to clean and have just the right amount of cushion for me. I have arthritis in my hip, ankles and hands – I definitely wanted thick cushion!

A Comfortable Mat Is Important To Your Yoga Practice

Checklist For Choosing The Best Yoga Mat

You’ll be spending a lot of time with and on your yoga mat, so you want to get one you like. A quality yoga mat will last you for quite some time and serve you well.

Here’s a checklist of tips for choosing the best yoga mat for you, summarizing from everything we’ve discussed:

Decide on the size of yoga mat that you want. Will you be taking a yoga class, are you short or is the mat for a child? Perhaps a smaller mat would be an appropriate choice.
Decide what materials you prefer your mat to be made from. Absorbent cotton is a good choice if you’ll be doing Bikram yoga (hot yoga). Just make sure it doesn’t get slippery if it gets wet. Latex is comfortable and durable.
Look for yoga mats that will not slip on the floor. It must stay firmly where you place it, to prevent falls and provide maximum support for your poses.
Make sure the yoga mat is either washable or easy to clean. Keeping your your yoga mat clean will help it last longer, and protects you too.
Look for thick yoga mats if you will be practicing complex poses, have medical issues such as arthritis, or just prefer a bit more comfort. Thinner, shorter mats are great for travel.
Consider your skill level when buying a yoga mat. If you are new to yoga, you may want a thicker mat to help you get used to being on the floor and help you build confidence in your standing poses. If you have practiced yoga for a long time, maybe you’d like a thinner, shorter mat that you can take with you wherever you go.

I hope these points to consider are helpful to you when you shop for a yoga mat. May your new mat serve you well, support you and provide comfort for your exercise.

I Love Yoga!

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