Best Tips To Avoid The Flu

The Flu Spreads Fast

Every year, it seems the flu gets an earlier start and spreads further, faster. It’s scary, but there are some very easy, very basic things we can do to keep from catching the flu or if we do catch it–to keep from spreading it.

If there was an easy way that you could keep yourself and your loved ones from coming down with a potentially life threatening flu, wouldn’t you want to do it? You can!

Keep From Catching The Flu – Wash Your Hands

Keeping our hands clean is the easiest, most important step we can take to avoid getting sick and spreading germs to others. It’s HUGE! This one step can not only prevent YOU from catching the flu, but it can also prevent you from spreading the flu too.

It’s best to wash your hands with soap and clean running water for at least 20 seconds. Sing the whole happy birthday song. Count to twenty. What kind of soap you use isn’t NEAR as important as using soap, washing your hands frequently and washing them thoroughly.

However, if soap and clean water are not available, an alcohol-based product to clean your hands. Alcohol-based hand rubs significantly reduce the number of germs on skin and are fast acting.

Stop The Spread Of Flu – Cover Your Coughs And Sneezes

The biggest way the flu is spread is from sneezing or coughing into the air. All those moisture droplets have the potential of getting someone sick as far away as six feet!

When you sneeze or cough, do it into a tissue or into your sleeve at the elbow. Just this one thing can keep from getting many others sick with the flu or a cold.

Those most at risk–the elderly and children–will be less likely to catch the flu from you if you just practice this tip.

Avoid Catching The Flu – Get Your Flu Shot

The CDC says that the single best way to keep from catching the flu is to get vaccinated. I agree, even though I said above that washing your hands is. The flu vaccine covers several strains of flu that are out there each season and it’s definitely worth getting a shot to have protection from several strains of the flu!

It’s been tough getting ours this year because the pharmacy AND my doctor’s office is out of stock.

It can take as long as 14 days for the vaccine to take effect and in the meantime, you could feel like you’re catching a cold or the flu (but many people don’t feel anything). I’ve had the flu three or four times in my lifetime and trust me, I prefer the effects of the vaccine to actually having the flu.

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