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Make Your Own Small Garden in Your Home

In the early months of this year, do you have a resolution in progress? Or do you just want to live your days as usual? If you don’t have special plans for this new year, maybe you can make something new in your home. For example, by creating a mini garden in your home. Why not?

One of the advantages of making your own small garden is that you can save a budget, besides that, the small garden can be one of the places you relax and enjoy time with family.

Here are some ways to create a small garden for those of you who are just starting:

Determine land area

The first thing you should do in designing a minimalist garden is knowing how much land you want to use. This will later affect the concept or theme of the park and the type of plant must be displayed.

Making the Garden Contour

After determining the area of land and the desired garden concept, the next step is to make the garden contour. Garden contour is a mound of land formed by a basic pattern of round, sickle, oval, and so on, according to the concept of the park to be realized.

Following are the steps to make a garden contour:.

  • Prepare the land a number of volumes of land that will be contoured
  • Pile the soil in the desired area, then compact it.
  • Shape the soil neatly, according to the concept that will be realized.

Make sure the contours of the garden are really solid before you plant them. That way, this contour will not be easily damaged when hit by rain.


Once the second step is complete, then you can start planting the small garden with the various plants that you want. As an initial step, start from large plants first. Thus, small-sized ornamental plants are not trampled.

Dig a hole using a hoe according to the size of the roots of the tree to be planted. For example, if the tree to be planted is 30 cm in diameter, make a hole 50 cm in diameter. This way, tree roots are easier to insert and you still have room to provide enough organic fertilizer. Oh yes. Make sure you classify ornamental plants regularly according to their type, to add to the aesthetics of your little garden.

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