Ezine Publishers Use 3 Formats for Publishing there Ezines

Ezine publishers use 3 formats for publishing there ezines. Each ezine format is used because of it’s simplicity to pass the ezine onto their readers. Ezine publishers decide the format that works best for them as a result of there skill level, and the type of information they are providing, all though each winning format has its pros and cons.

The most commonly used ezine format is a text ezine. The text ezine is the preferred format, because it requires the least amount of skill to use, and easiest to distribute to subscribers.

HTML ezines requires a knowledge of HTML. One of the pros is the ability to add more features to the ezine. The added features to the HTML ezine may make your ezine more appealing to your subscribers. An ezine that is more appealing than text, can have an increase in readers. Distributing an HTML ezine only requires a link in an email. The negative aspect is many readers prefer to print their ezines. One more thing to consider is that an email with a variety of text sizes, and pictures tends to get hung in spam filters instead of subscribers email boxes.

The final format used is the PDF eZine. Using a PDF eZine format can be a cumbersome task, but with good organization the quality of your ezine can be far greater than text or HTML. Ezines published in PDF can be printed for off line reading, and PDF ezines tend to have a larger amount of readers. Another benefit of having a PDF ezine means you can create a viral ezine. Readers can brand the links with their affiliate ids, and pass the ezine on to friends, colleagues, and their own email list.

The useability of all three types of ezines makes them perfect for publishing an ezine in all formats. Making all formats available for your readers shows your flexibility and desire to serve your readers well. Readers that are given there choice of format are usually happier with the content of the ezine, and the deliver-ability.

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