Plenty Of Money In The Pocket With Medical TranscriptionCareer & Employment 

Plenty Of Money In The Pocket With Medical Transcription

Medical transcription is one of the largest employment generating jobs
especially in the developing countries. There is a large call for people
for doing transcription. Most of these jobs are outsourced form
developed countries like United States, Britain, and Australia and so
on. The process works as follows. When a patient visits a doctor, the
doctor discuss with the patient on the health issue which includes all
the symptoms apart from the past history. The doctor will examine the
patient based on all the collected information and prescribe the
medicine. When the patient leaves the consultation room the doctor will
record all the important history on the consultation either by recording
in a cassette or by dialing a number where the voice will be recorded
in the central server of the hospital.

The audio piece will be sent to a person working in the medical
transcriptions field in order to convert the audio data in to text
format. The person is known as medical transcriptionist. They should be
familiar with all the medical terms and should have a very good
listening skill in order to write the data in to text format. The doctor
should also be careful in speaking out the information very slowly so
that it must be understood by the medical transcriptionist. When the
patient visits again the doctor will ask for the medical record that was
prepared under the patients name and it will contain all the recorded
information in accurate medical format prescribed by the hospitals. Only
basic education is needed to qualify as a medical transcriptionist.
Apart from that all the necessary knowledge on the medical terms will be
given by the special training obtained from the training school for
this job. In some places the outsourcing company will provide training
for all fresh job aspirants. Actual training period will last up to six

These jobs are outsourced to developing countries like India, China, and
SriLanka and so on because of the cheap labor charges. If these jobs
are done in the same country the charge to be paid for a medical
transcriptionist is very high. Apart from this, the job also offers the
facility to work from home. This is very helpful for all those educated
people who are not in a position to move out of the house and go for
job. Indeed this sector is bringing high revenue to many parts of the

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