3 Additional Income Ideas for Housewives

Being a housewife whose full time at home for 24 hours is quite a time consuming and energy. Take care of children, take care of the house with activities like spinning wheels, ranging from waking up to getting a good night’s sleep. Especially if your child is under five and more than one, it is certainly not very easy to live. Sometimes a housewife also has to save money to meet the needs of her husband and children. But in reality, inflation that occurs sometimes is not balanced with the…

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Gardening Techniques 

Make Your Own Small Garden in Your Home

In the early months of this year, do you have a resolution in progress? Or do you just want to live your days as usual? If you don’t have special plans for this new year, maybe you can make something new in your home. For example, by creating a mini garden in your home. Why not? One of the advantages of making your own small garden is that you can save a budget, besides that, the small garden can be one of the places you relax and enjoy time with…

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Home Decorating 

3 Ideas For the Bathroom of Your Home

Maybe this room is not too big for home design in general but the bathroom can also be a means to refresh ourselves from our busy lives. So, there is nothing wrong if this small room is equipped with pampering features and charming decoration that displays natural elements so that the desired freshness can be realized in it. Typically, decorative decoration in the bathroom only struggles with the selection of tiles with various shades. But if the choice is considered too monotonous, then you need a different touch. To expect natural freshness, it…

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Sunset Tanjung Bira Destination Guides Travel 

The Secret Paradise, Tanjung Bira

Maybe you often hear or have visited beautiful beaches such as the Maldives, exotic Caribbean beaches, or Bali. If you talk about Bali, you might know that this island is included in one of the provinces in Indonesia which has beautiful beaches and is well known in the world. This country actually has many beautiful coastlines because its territory is filled with islands. Almost every province is limited by the sea and of course, this makes Indonesia one of the countries that are rich in beautiful beaches besides other natural…

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