Why Voice Over Artists And Acting Classes Go Hand-In-Hand: Voice Over LAArts & Humanities 

Why Voice Over Artists And Acting Classes Go Hand-In-Hand: Voice Over LA

It’s rather ironic – many otherwise-savvy voice over artists in LA
forget that they are actors. Because they work with their voices and not
their bodies, they tend to assume that they don’t need to learn acting
techniques; however, the best voice over artists absolutely understand
the nuances of stage and film acting.

If you’re planning on becoming a voice over artist in LA or if you’re
already someone who has ventured onto the LA voice over artist scene,
put yourself at a huge advantage over the competition and take some
acting classes. It really doesn’t matter what kind you take; any
reputable acting class will make you a stronger voice over artist.

Not quite convinced? Consider these six reasons for you to invest in acting classes:

1. You’ll Learn How to Control Your Voice

Vocal control is extremely important to both actors and voice over
artists. Most classes teach some form of vocal control, even if it’s
merely how to have incredibly precise diction, clarity and volume.

2. You’ll Learn How to Jump into Any Character

You never know what kind of character you’ll be asked to play when
you’re a voice over artist in LA! And you won’t know ahead of time, in
some cases. Acting classes teach you how to “become” a character in
seconds, helping you interpret a script almost instantly, even if it’s a
cold read.

3. You’ll Become More Attractive to Potential Clients

If your resume shows that you have been keeping up with your craft by
taking acting classes, voice over agents in LA or their clients will be
more likely to see that you’re serious about becoming better and better.
That speaks volumes over the voice over artist’s resume that contains
no mention of any theatrical coursework.

4. You’ll Learn How to “Sell” a Dialect

Have you ever heard a voice over artist perform a dialect very badly?
Then you know how important it is to be able to “sell” a dialect. Many
acting classes specialize in helping actors learn to use dialects
effectively. Thus, if you think that dialect work could be a good niche
for you in the voice over industry, it’s a good idea to invest in
classes that will help you become stronger.

5. Classes Show Initiative

Never underestimate the power of initiative. Voice over agents in LA are
bombarded by people who want to become voice over artists, thinking
that the career is “easy money”. However, the legitimate voice over
agents want only those individuals who are serious about their careers.
Classes show that you’re willing to take initiative and play an active
role in your development.

6. You’ll Be Able to Network with Other Performers

Having a network of people, especially in LA, is critical to your voice
over success. Acting classes are some of the best ways for you to
connect with individuals who either are voice over artists themselves or
can help you learn more about the voice over industry by introducing
you to LA voice over agents. Not only will this keep you from feeling
“alone” on those tough days, but having buddies in the industry will
also help you get closer to getting and staying busy!

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