Voice Over LA – Top Voice Over Agency for Voice Over Artists in LAArts & Humanities 

Voice Over LA – Top Voice Over Agency for Voice Over Artists in LA

Voice Over Agency LA is a full-service voice-over agency, offering a
terrific roster of over 600 local LA voice professionals. In every age,
ethnicity, and the language you are likely to need.

Voice Over Agency LA will take care of every detail, from personalized
talent selection to rate quotes, post production services and
comprehensive packaging.

There is nothing automated at Voice Over Agency LA. We will give you
unlimited personalized service from concept to delivery – Guaranteed.
Voice Over Agency LA is equipped to handle any media project that needs a
voice. Voice Over Agency LA has a Casting Division that will plug you
into the finest talent in Hollywood, drawn from both our enormous agency
roster, to full-tilt union castings with talent from dozens of other
major agencies resulting in customized auditions.

At Voice Over Agency you will get a focused list of dozens of
hand-picked pros who will not only deliver uniformly terrific reads, but
come packaged in a sweet, single click-on link that you can
effortlessly forward to your client. You will not get this quality
service elsewhere!

Many, of Voice Over Artists LA are available for instant listening right
now. You can click on TALENT in the website marquee. You will find a
rich and diverse selection of voice-over-demos, listed by category,
ready to bring your copy to life. You can pick a few, call Voice Over
Agency LA and we will tell you about them. It’s an amazing concept!

Since all of our Voice Over Artist live in LA, it is a major advantage!
Voice Over Agency LA is ready to provide you with focused, in-studio
audition reads, feet on the floor, directed live, with delivery at the
speed of need.

Voice Over Agency LA has a spacious Ventura Boulevard location in
Sherman Oaks which is a classy and welcoming destination for your most
discerning clients.
Voice Over Agency LA features two studios, built expressly for voice-over.

Studio A’s 20 x20 ft control room comfortably accommodates eight
visitors, all of whom have a direct view of the custom Voice Over booth,
ready to record up to five Voice Over Artists / talents. You will get a
terrific product at the most affordable rate in town.

Studio B’s 10 x 15 ft control room is priced at $150 per hour and
welcomes two to four visitors, with a6 x 8 ft booth built for 1 or 2
voice talents. Voice Over Agency LA enables you to get a terrific
product at the most affordable rate in town.

Both rooms include professional engineering services, wireless internet
and FTP upload delivery. For remote communications, Voice Over Agency
LA offers both complimentary phone patch and low-priced ISDN service.

Voice Over Agency LA also offers an online delivery service which allows
you to listen to the finished MP3s moments after they’re mastered!

Voice Over Agency LA also gives you access to music and jingle composers with impressive credits and affordable rates.

Voice Over Agency LA’s freelance copywriters, Richard Leiter and Steve
Morris, have written for top agencies for 20 years. You can get ideas,
super talent and affordable rates.

Don’t waste your talent and money elsewhere Choose Voice Over Agency LA
for top-notch service and results! Call Voice Over Agency LA today!

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