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Tibet Arts: Celebrating Tibetan Culture With The Ultimate Singing Bowl Collection

Tibet has a rich and vibrant history, which endures despite the country’s troubled political status. The country, which is sometimes referred to as the “roof of the world” has developed a deeply-rooted heritage which is exemplified through the art produced by the Tibetan people. Helping to bring this art to the Western world are companies like Tibet Arts who sell items such as the Tibetan singing bowl and traditional hand-made Tibetan jewellery.

Created in 1996, Cambridge, Massachusetts based Tibet Arts is dedicated to the promotion of the Tibetan people, both as a cause fighting against Chinese occupation and a unique culture which has been vastly underappreciated. Tibet Arts offers unique Tibetan items such as the Tibetan singing bowl as well as traditional clothing at reasonable prices. The hand-made clothing items available through Tibet Arts are made from the most luxurious cotton and wool fibres and to the highest degree of quality. The company also sells Tibetan cultural items such as masks, pendants, herbal products and more.

In Tibetan culture, the singing bowl is a term for a bell, which is used during meditation. The Tibetan singing bowl has become a symbol of Tibetan culture where the harmonic overtone produced by the Tibetan singing bowl offers a calming effect.

Tibet Arts offer several different kinds of Tibetan singing bowl to their customers. Their Green Tara Meditation Bowl is a high quality Tibetan singing bowl which produces a long and clear tone. Inside this unique Tibetan singing bowl you will find a carving of Green Tara, a deity who is regarded in Tibetan culture as a symbol for protection and long life. On the Outside of this majestic Tibetan singing bowl is inscribed the mantra of the Green Tara which spreads her blessings when the bowl is played with visualization and motivation.

In addition, Tibet Arts is also one of the only places in North America where you will find the Medicine Buddha Meditation bowl. According to Tibetan culture, this finely crafted item is said to combat psychological, spiritual and physical disease.

Tibet Arts also carries items of spiritual significance in Buddhism and Hinduism, such as Feng Shui products and other ritual purification items for household use. Every purchase from this leading provider of Tibetan goods assists the people of Tibet in their day-to-day lives under occupation. This means that Tibet Arts is not simply a profit-seeking business, but a pioneering Tibetan singing bowl and artefact retailer on the frontlines of Tibet’s battle for individual recognition.

By selling items such the Tibetan singing bowl and promoting Tibetan culture, Tibet Arts is becoming a leading company in the struggle to affect change for the Tibetan people, making them your one-stop for Tibetan cultural products.

About Tibet Arts:
Since 1996, Tibet Arts have been promoting the Tibetan culture by selling items unique to the country such as the Tibetan singing bowl, in the hopes of helping the people of Tibet in their struggle for freedom from occupation.

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