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The Most Imaginative Custom Minifig Ideas on the Planet

Making a custom minifig starts with having a great idea. You could be
the most experienced minifig maker on the planet, yet if your creations
don’t have creativity or passion, your minifigs won’t get too much
interest in the Legos network. Perhaps you are okay with this.
Naturally, there isn’t anything wrong with making flawlessly constructed
minifigs inspired by timeless concepts, and there will always be a
market for these. But if you wish to be more intriguing and innovative
with your minifig designs, it’s important to put emphasis on creativity.

Any time you’re having difficulty creating new concepts for your custom minifigs, consider the following options:

Historic minifigs: Are you interested in history? If not, do you at the
very least have a historical period that you’re interested in? If you
do, you might want to consider historic custom minifigs. For instance,
perhaps you’re intersted in the Ancient civilizations, the U.S. Civil
War, or the Wild West. Consider traditional eras and places that pique
your creativity, and visualize all of the options.

Literary custom minifigs: If you have a beloved literary work or style
of literature, perhaps you could mine your bookshelves for a few good
suggestions. If you’re a fan of fantasy literature, for example, you
might make custom minifigs and minifig clothing based on your beloved
characters. The greatest thing about building minifigs based upon novels
is that no two readers envision the characters precisely the same, so
you’ll be able to really put your imagination into your minifigs.

Minifigs based upon films or television programs: When designing
minifigs that are based upon your beloved movies or television shows,
your job should actually be pretty straightforward. You don’t have to
put much inventiveness into developing the design, which means you can
concentrate all of your efforts on how you can make the custom minifigs
happen. As you probably know, things like those presented by Star Wars
or Star Trek have been well covered already, so you might choose to go
for something a little fresher.

Family and friend minifigs: Build a set of minifigs based upon your
family members or social circle. You can incorporate a lot of tiny
personal jokes, and everyone will surely get a good kick out of your

Minifigs based upon famous real-world figures: If you have a favored
sports team, or if you are fascinated with a particular group of people,
create a few custom minifigs to represent them. For example, you may
create minifigs as models of favorite political figures.

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