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Gift Vouchers for the Woodworker in Your Life

Buying a gift can be tough at the best of times, but when it’s a
technical gift for someone such as a woodturner, who is passionate about
their craft and really knows their stuff, it can be altogether
daunting. Call in the experts and purchase with confidence at Not only is your leading online resource
for wood turning tools and all manner of equipment for carvers and
woodworkers, but it’s also a great place to purchase gift vouchers for
the woodcraftsman or woman in your life who are then free to choose
their own technical gift.

The ToolPost Gift Voucher is a flexible choice: the recipient can choose
whatever gift they would like, whether that is a utilitarian choice of
respiratory protection, a practical woodturning lathe or an
inspirational book. The array of technical woodturning tools and
equipment available at ToolPost may leave the layman or woman reeling
when it comes to choosing a gift, which explains the popularity of these
vouchers. While there is a minimum gift value of £5.00, you are free
to choose whichever value above this that you wish without being limited
to predetermined amounts, as is the case with most vouchers. You can
fill out a simple and quick online form with the amount and your
details, or those of the recipient, as you can choose whether the
voucher (along with a personalised card) gets sent to yourself so that
you can add your own message, or directly to the recipient.

However, perhaps you are a woodworker yourself, choosing a gift for a
fellow craftsmen and would therefore enjoy picking out a gift rather
than sending gift vouchers, or perhaps you are a layman or woman who
simply prefers to choose gifts yourself. can also help
here as it has a dedicated section for gift ideas for wood turners,
workers and carvers to celebrate a special event with something that
shows real forethought and consideration. The section features the gift
ideas broken down into price brackets so you can easily browse to the
section with gifts priced at the level you would like to spend. Choose
from simple woodcarving tools such as a straight or cranked paring
chisel from as little as £14.90*, perfect for the beginner or simply as a
replacement for a well-worn chisel; or – at the top end of the range –
the Tormek Sharpening System, dubbed the sharpening system “par
excellence”. Priced between £263* and £469* approximately, perhaps it is
suitable as a retirement present or for a particularly special
occasion. For woodturning enthusiasts and professionals, the ideas run
from the essential and versatile Sorby Spindlemaster which starts from
only £25.32* for the 1/2″, all the way to the ToolPost VersaChuck, the
‘Universal Woodturning Chuck System’ at £110.60* (without additional
(*Prices not including VAT.)

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