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Contemporary Artwork for a Fresh Look

Home decoration is all the rage these days. Since the bottom fell out of the property market and everyone stopped trying to sell, the home improvement market has really changed its course – to the point where home owners are now decorating for themselves, rather than prospective buyers. The results are quite extraordinary, often very liberating, as the great British public comes out from under the gloss magnolia and reproduction print spell of nearly two decades to rediscover its individuality. Nothing has marked that individuality better than original contemporary artwork, which is being made available by some very enterprising web sites at some very reasonable prices.

There’s one thing that really stands out about original art. By original, one is referring to the fact that it has been created specifically for the person who bought it – or, at least, that it has been created once and once only and, once bought, will not be created again. Original, then, in the sense that no-one else has one.

That originality transfers immediately and directly to the homes in which this art is being hung. If no-one else has the same piece or picture then no-one can emulate the style that piece brings to a room: and that makes the room in question a truly unique expression of self.

It’s a heartening thing to see – individually made or painted prints, oil paintings, acrylics, in all manner of form, size and style: being selected by web site customers not because other people have them, and not because they have been told they are cool, but because they actually like them. Yes – after over 20 years in the wilderness (and in art terms, a whole lot longer), the British home is finally coming home.

A question: before the availability of contemporary artwork online, how many people owned an original painting? How many people even thought they could own an original painting? The answer, of course, to this almost rhetorical question is, not many – or, only the rich. Since sites like the exemplary Art 2 Arts (a web site offering contemporary originals in all price bands and across the whole range of styles) opened, the public has suddenly found its voice and its taste. There’s no longer a feeling that the average British person doesn’t have the qualification to judge what is good art and what isn’t – now that contemporary artwork is available outside of galleries or exclusive dealerships, the word on the street is that anyone who knows what they like is finally in a position to say so for themselves. And they are – with their wallets.

So – suddenly, people are able to do something that no British citizen who is not seriously rich has ever been able to do. Go direct to dealers (in this case, art web sites like Art 2 Arts) and purchase genuine original contemporary artwork. Not because they’ve been told it is good, but because they like it.

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