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The contemporary art is nothing but that kind of art which is produced in the current period of time. But as soon as the time passes down, the contemporary artwork is anticipated as the historical art, but this kind of probability is much lesser compared to the modern world. When we talk about the current art that doesn’t indicate the arts made today or last year, the timeline for the coeval art is much wider, it is the art of 20th centaury art onwards.

The classification about the contemporaneous art is also composed of lots of controversies, many art expert say that the time or period of time for an art production is not only responsible factor to make that art into the contemporaneous art section. The contemporary art are classified according to their ideas of making, these ideas are the one which make them contemporary ideas. Hence a person, who has good knowledge about the contemporary fine arts, can easily notice the contemporary ideas into them.

We all know that for making the art to be contemporary, the other factors such as the method of creation, the medium and the techniques are also included. Many times the contemporary art is also defined on the basis of their technologies. Here we are not talking about the modern days, digital arts or graphics, but the modern-day art is generally counted from the last centuries. Many times we get to see the artworks made by the single brush strokes, as a matter of fact the single brush strokes are much famous since last centuries, and hence we can say that the single brush strokes can be included into a technique used into the current art section.

If we define the present-day art on the basis of the timeline regardless of the modern technologies the 3D arts created by the art software can also be included into the contemporary art but people are more attracted towards the traditional contemporary arts generated by the traditional methods.
Not only the viewer but the artists also prefer the traditional way of artwork, as a matter of fact the artist can make his skills much more demonstrated by the traditional way of producing contemporaneous arts. He will not hold a mouse of computer to make the 3D arts, rather he will prefer to hold a painting brush and canvass. That is why artists’ always make a focus on their way of making the art to be contemporary.

Here again we can not specifically define the art as existing artwork, but people prefer the easiest method is to classify according to the period of time , hence if the art is produced in 20th century or beyond that, the art is said to be a contemporary art.

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