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The Circle Journal – Creating Yours Today

Imagine It…Create It – A Circle Journal

A Circle Journal celebrates accomplishments, shares new things you’ve learned or can even help you connect with someone you may not see all the time.

With your words alone you could help someone through a tough time, put a smile on a face, have fun learning something new or just inspire, enthuse, arouse everyone that participates in building the circle journal. Add pictures, original art, textures or any combination of those and the journal comes alive with feelings of love and friendship. The list of benefits of starting a circle journal is endless!

Why not ask your friends, family, club or group to help you start a circle journal for yourself or someone else today.

Circle Journal

What is A Circle Journal?

A Circle Journal Is A Great Way To Stay In Touch With Family & Friends.

A circle journal is:

a themed or general journal that you pass around (usually via mail) to those in your circle.
usually initiated by one person and sent to others on the list
a great way to stay in touch with family and friends
a way for you to get creative, express yourself
an excellent gift idea

When To Make A Circle Journal

You can make a circle journal for all kinds of purposes. A crafting group can share techniques, pictures of finished objects or even patterns in a fun and creative way.

A family could make a circle journal for an elderly couple; parents or grandparents, to commemorate their lives together, a special anniversary, all their descendants or any combination of those.

Express your artistic side by sharing a circle journal with any group of friends that would like to join together and share with each other.

Who Do I Share The Circle Journal With?

Here are a few ideas of who you can make a circle journal for or share one with. Can you think of more?

Folks with you on your path to recovery from grief, addiction, divorce, etc.
Your best friend
Your scrap booking buddies
Sisters and sister-in-laws
Your guy or gal and their buddies on deployment
Your whole family
Your women’s craft or reading group
Kids, families, and teachers in your class
A new mom’s group
High school or college classmates

Be Creative And Use Your Own Decorating Style

Some Do’s and Don’ts for Your Circle Journal


– Enjoy the experience and include everyone!

– Keep it simple AND be creative.

– Collect ideas while you are waiting for the journal to circle your way.

– Contact people to see if they would like to participate.

– Write about positive things, keep the negative ideas out.


– Stress out, creating and sharing a circle journal is supposed to be fun!

– Keep the journal too long, others are waiting on it to add to it too.

– Get upset if someone is not interested in joining or decides to quit.

– Make the journal too thick, it will be harder to mail if it’s being passed around that way.

– Forget additions for special events and celebrations. Commemorate holidays, special occasions and birthdays when you can.

– Be shy about strutting your stuff. Show off a picture of a finished craft, an award or other exciting news.

Unique Housewarming Gift For A Friend Or Relative Remodeling Their Home

Designing Your Circle Journal Is Easy

Lots of scrap booking sites talk about circle journals, but they aren’t always what I envision. This is my own tweak of a circle journal/scrapbook. ENJOY!

Get folks writing and sharing by sending the journal to each person on the list so they can add a tidbit or two and send it on.

Keep It Simple

Buy a small or large 2-3 subject notebook that easily fits into a flat-pouch mailer.
Use contact paper, stickers, address labels to decorate front and back.
List everyone participating on the front page with their name, address, phone number and email address.
Add your entry on 1-2 pages (2 pages should be the max) and send it to the next person. That person completes their entry and sends to the next person on the list, and so on.
When the journal is full, the last person should send it back to the first person, or to whoever it’s for ~ or whatever you decide as the purpose for the circle journal.

Theme Ideas for Your Circle Journal

Want some ideas for circle journals that think outside the box? Here are some topics to build a circle journal around.

Being A Girl, like what’s so great about being a girl?
Advice; Did your grandma offer you something you should share with the members of the journal circle?
I Love Quotes; What’s your favorite quote, who wrote it, and why does it inspire you?
I Bet You Didn’t Know I can’t stand…(fill in the blank and have fun with it)
I love…same idea, fill in the blank. Chocolate, daisies, goldfish?
I want to…what do you want to do? Or say? Or experience?
Family Recipes; What is the bestest ever and from whom? Great wedding present from the bridesmaids or family members.
Who inspired you and why?
Music That Speaks To My Heart; What is your genre of music, why?
Simple Joys and Pleasures; What’s your favorite…fill in the blank.
What’s in Your Purse? Define Yourself as an animal in the jungle and explain why.
Guilty Pleasures; What is your favorite guilty pleasure and when are you most likely to enjoy it?
Hobbies ~ How did you get involved? Was it hard to learn?

Just remember to have everyone express themselves visually as well as with words. Draw, take pictures or cut pictures out of magazines to illustrate your thoughts. Use fabric and all sorts of other textures to create interest.

Make A Difference For A Favorite Cause With A Circle Journal

Want a unique way to raise money for your favorite cause? Why not place it up for auction, with the proceeds going to a charity (even if it’s a few bucks, at least your circle made a difference!).

The top donation gets the journal to keep and share at gatherings with the ‘circle’. Your auction could be held at a local fundraising event or you could even list it on eBay.

What kind of circle journals would be great for charities? How about these:

Shelter Pet Adoptions – Pass it around among participants to create pages about pets they’ve adopted at a specific shelter. Then, auction it off to raise money for that shelter…OR just gift it to the shelter in appreciation for their efforts.

Charity Crafters – Create a circle journal of favorite charity craft projects your group has enjoyed. Each member participating in the circle can create a page or two of what they made and include the pattern for it, with pictures of the completed items, etc. Auction it off to raise funds for a favorite charity.

Get the idea?

How about Habitat For Humanity circle journals. Can you think of more?

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