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How to Make a Primitive Country Wooden Sign

Learn How to Make a Primitive Country Wooden Sign easy by following my step by step instructions listed below. Primitive country decor makes me feel warm and cozy. It gives my home that welcome feeling I look for.

I never realized how expensive primitive home decor items were until I decided to do it in my own home. I then came to realize that I was too cheap to pay the kind of prices theses companies were asking, so I began to make my own.

I decided on the size and color I wanted and started from there. I then had wood cut to the size I needed and went home to make this project come to life. I recommend using a thin coat of paint, too thick of a coat makes it look less rustic. For a more rustic worn feel I sanded the edges lightly. I then did my words or quotes. Moving on to adding a bow and hanging it up. Fast, simple, and easy thats my style.

Most of the supplies listed below, such as the painting supplies and stencils can be used again. If you have old wood laying around then it’s even cheaper. I usually only have to purchase more paint.


Use old wood for more primitive feel
If using new wood dent and bang up edges a little bit to add character
Choose whatever color/colors that fit your home
Hang it with wire or chains for more of a rustic charm.
Paint thin coats of paint

Time required: 45 Minutes

Difficulty: easy

Cost: 15


1×4 Board 24″ Long
2.0z Country Red Paint
2.oz Tan Paint
Alphabet Stencils
2 ScrewEyes
Plaid Ribbon/Fabric ( I used red and tan)


Painters Tray
4″ Paint Brush
1″ Paint Brush
Painters Tape
Scotch Tape
Sand Paper Block


1. Lay board on plastic and paint entire surface country red. Allow to dry.

2. Measure desired width of trim and mask off using painters tape. I had to improvise here with another type of tape, I had misplaced my painters tape. (Trim width should be exposed)

3. Paint trim with tan paint and let dry.

4. Place stencils remembering to space them evenly and tape down using scotch tape. Now paint using tan paint. Allow to dry and remove stencils.

5. After drying, lightly sand using sand block for a more rustic worn look.

6. Attach screw eyes 1-1/2″ from end of board on both sides.

7. Cut desired length of twine. Attach to board using screweyes. Place one end of twine in a screw eye and tie then do the same on the other end.

8. Make a rough tied bow.

9. Hang sign and place bow on the front of the nail that the sign hangs on.

What is Primitive Decor

Primitive decor to me is beautifully worn pieces of furniture and accessories that give off that warm, cozy, at home feeling. A few of my favorite primitives are signs, baskets, shelf sitters, raggedy dolls, pip berries, barn stars and many more. The more worn an item is the more primitive it looks. The worn look is why so many people love and hate primitive decor. I myself love it and find myself wanting to decorate my entire home this way, adding a few pieces here and there in different rooms to spread the feel of warm and cozy.

Alot of primitives are DIY optional. Signs, paintings and dolls are very easy to make and cost less than purchasing from a retailer. I search the internet a few times a week for primitive crafts, pick a few I like, put my own spin on it and make it.

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