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10 Great Websites For Free Knitting Patterns

Addicted To Free Knitting Patterns

Being relatively new to knitting, I’m always looking for some great sites for free knitting patterns. When I find a website that has all kinds of free knitting patterns, I stash it away in my bookmarks or more recently, in Evernote.

As my knitting improves in skill level and I try to find one of those free knitting pattern sites, I’m finding I have to look all over my computer for them. It’s really amazing how easy it is to find free knitting patterns online.

So, I’ve been cleaning out my knitting pattern bookmarks a little bit lately and I’ve found that I have some favorite sites that I like to visit for really fun free knitting patterns that are still on the easy side for me.

They’re safely ‘web-clipped’ away into my Evernote notebooks, but I’ll share 10 Great Sites For Free Knitting Patterns to go along with my 10 Great Websites for Free Crochet Patterns.

Me, The Internet Knitting Student

While I was learning to knit, I used the internet to search for video lessons and free knitting patterns. I found everything I wanted and so much more.

Thanks to some great videos and a lot of great websites, I’m well on my way to becoming a good knitter. Time is still an issue for me, but I keep working at it.

My biggest hope is to get faster at knitting some small projects I can give for gifts or maybe even sell. Practice makes perfect!

Knitted Child’s Hat

1. AllFreeKnitting

AllFreeKnitting – I love this site for the free knitting patterns and how organized they are into handy categories.

Felted Knits, Knit Home Decor, Knit Bags, Knitting For Babies and Knitting For Charity are just a few of the dozens of helpful categories, each with dozens and dozens of free knitting patterns for you to enjoy. I could spend HOURS here!

2. Knitting Projects For Dummies

Knitting Projects For Dummies – This is actually one page on the amazing “For Dummies” site. You might want to bookmark this site because of all the helpful information you can find there, but I bookmarked it for the free knitting patterns for beginning knitters. Fantastic!

3. Joann Fabric & Craft Stores has lovely free knitting patterns available. Pretty handy, right? Since this is everybody’s favorite craft store.

You can sort the free knitting patterns by skill level and by how long it takes to make the project. I like that!

4. Lion Brand Yarn

Lion Brand Yarn – Lion Brand has some of my very favorite free knitting patterns. There’s a good range of beginner, easy, two intermediate levels and an experienced level.

I’m still in the beginner and easy pattern ranges, but I’ll keep at it and soon enough I’ll try out some of those intermediate knitting patterns. And of course, you can nab some of that luscious Lion Brand Yarn while you’re there.

If you register at the web site, you can save your patterns as bookmarks there. Easy as pie!

5. Red Heart Yarn

Red Heart Yarn – My other, other favorite free knitting pattern site. Yes, they’re all my favorites! If you’re a knitter/crocheter, you know what I mean!

Red Heart Yarn’s free knitting patterns are unique, colorful and contemporary. Loads of fun here.

6. KnitPicks

KnitPicks – Knitpicks is a cool online craft shop with a delicious section of free patterns for knitting and crochet alike. They also have a YouTube Channel that’s worth subscribing to. KnitPicks videos really helped me learn to knit!

KnitPicks Free Knitting Tutorials. They were VERY helpful when I was first starting out. In fact, I had always had such a hard time trying to learn to knit that I would just give up.

Berry Mix Knit Cowl

7. Knitting Tips By Judy

Knitting Tips By Judy – While Judy does have a web site, it was her Knitting Tips By Judy YouTube Channel where I first got to “meet” her and where I spend most of my Judy time.

Do visit Judy’s site though, to learn more about this interesting lady. She has knitted for the stars and her items have been featured in movies. Cool, huh?

8. Ravelry

Ravelry – It goes without saying that if you’re not a member of Ravelry, you should run not walk over there and register right now. There are hundreds and hundreds of free knitting patterns posted by some of the most talented designers I’ve seen anywhere.

Really unique items for all levels of knitters. I’m boutiqueshops over there, so I hope you’ll look me up!

9. Vogue Knitting

Vogue Knitting has a HUGE collection of free knitting patterns. All you have to do is register and download the free PDF files for the patterns you like.

There are free knitting patterns for all skill levels here and they are stunning!

Dish Cloths

10. FaveCrafts

At FaveCrafts, there are hundreds of free knitting patterns, tips and tutorials, and I love the way they put together collections of patterns like 46 Free Scarf Knitting Patterns. I love their newsletters too!

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