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Lame Poetry “Bessie’s Best Day” and “Puny Punishments”

Bessie’s Best Day I’m a tired old gal With haunches abound I like eating green And I like being lean Though I walk a little slow And I’m silent a lot I feel like this is my place to be
This grassy old lot The company’s the same Here on the plain They go missing sometimes Always on walking down Butcher Lane But I pay it no mind Because the boss is in line
He keeps me around All over this ground Yet today’s a little off He’s walking toward me now With a device in his hand He puts it on my head… “Ow!”

Puny Punishments Though I do declare That the crime was unconscionable, I will only give 5 years To this unwitting person. Why destroy their life because They destroyed countless others? It’s as if I am to continue the Cycle of oppression. There is an uproar outside The courthouse! Screams of injustice and pain; I hear them but pay them no mind, Because the system is working. I think. How can it not? If I have made this judgment On this murderous wretch And taken time away from them Is that not enough? I’m sure they’ll learn their Lesson And never do it again.

I’m sure they’ll apologize and receive Forgiveness From those loving parents, Won’t they? It does not matter now I have other files to judge.
The next one is a pedophile I think I’ll give him community service, Because it surely wasn’t his fault.

Was it?

My Thoughts

1. Bessie is a great cow and I think her life was cut short.

2. Bessie should not have been gloating the whole time.

3. Punishments for people who hurt children should be harsher or seriously re-evaluated.

4. Our justice system is in need of people who are willing to fight for children’s rights!


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