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Lame Poetry “Head Dance”

Head Dance

They swirl around, flipping, and Pulling Tugging, and yearning to Stop But more come and the movement Begins Again Bombarding with the others Creating explosions of Chaotic design Shifting focus and precision Into blurred and stuttered Efforts So much is happening Sounds, colors, feelings, and The fervor of relentless grasp

The riot of it all is Demanding Invigorating Alienating Exponentially rising to a climactic End The pain rivals And they become detached
They break down, burn out Remove themselves from logical Reason The ballet of thought is Done It’s time to scream Now

Mind Games or Mind Wars?

Sometimes we are just so overwhelmed with life, that even our thoughts are wanting to take a break! Multi-tasking, working, creating, feeling, dreaming, sleeping, exercising, wishing, praying, family-ing…it all requires intense thought and focus. Yet, there are instances when those mind games turn into mind wars.

We are all busy, but sometimes you just need a break from thinking. When we over do it, we burnout, breakdown, and some of us get violent. It shouldn’t be that way and the pressure to think about all that we think matters to us is overwhelming.

Let’s de-clutter our minds and delegate some of those thoughts out! Here are a few tips to keep yourself sane while in a torrent river of emotion and thought:

Stretch it out: Literally stretch out all of your muscles for 15 minutes. The endorphins will release and you’ll feel much calmer and more focused.
Remove those triggers: A simple thought can ruin your whole day. Did you know that? Removing the triggers that encourage negative or chaotic thinking is helpful for your sanity. Get rid of them already!
Watch a bladder buster: Sounds gross, but I’m talking about watching a hilarious movie. One that is so funny it makes you want to tinkle just a little. Studies show that laughter (happy feelings) decrease irrational thought and increase more focus and improved work production.

Have any other suggestions to keep the bombarding molecules of over-thinking from exploding? List them in the comments below!

A Hoard of Issues

You ever watch those hoarding shows on television, seeing the filth and chaotic mess that is created in people’s homes?

“Ew, I’ll never be a hoarder!”

WRONG. You and everyone on this planet is a hoarder. We hoard our thoughts and feelings for more than one reason. We keep them to ourselves and get defensive when they are exposed. I do, you do it, and they (whoever you want to point fingers at) do it. We hoard our issues and we refuse to allow anyone bear the part of the weight of the burden.

In order for us to be relieved and not go into a screaming tirade in front of people, we need to unleash and let go. We need to organize and think about what is MOST important to us, not we THINK is most important.

Go ahead and let it go.

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