Savvy Tips For Cleaning a House

This is so true, and oddly it took me until I was thirty years old to figure it out. Honestly, there are so many things that are just that obvious and it took me that long to figure out (containerizing things and having a place for everything). Now if my husband would understand that if he just washes the oatmeal off the pan it’s easier to clean than once it’s dry! Here our my “tips”:  1. I wear a cobbler apron because of the deep pockets in front. Then you…

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How We Became Suddenly Frugal

Last year my husband and I decided that it might be nice if we bought a new house–especially since the real estate market was sinking into the crapper at the time and we watched housing prices sink to places they hadn’t been in a number of years–many four-bedroom homes in our tony Philadelphia suburb we’re being sold at fire-sale prices. I know that we would have succeeded in that mission if the first house we’d put an offer on–and went to contract with–worked out. But it didn’t. Then we went…

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